„Time is defined to be what our clocks measure.“

Albert Einstein

But a watch is much more than just a timekeeper. It is a world of its own delicate mechanics and an object of high emotionality. But above all, it is an expression of the individuality of its wearer.

A watch that will be manufactured and sold in large quantities, must appeal many potential buyers. But who would not like to wear a watch, which is unique and specially manufactured for him?

Who considers to buy a high-quality watch rightfully expect something special and not mass-produced.

Therefore, I only manufacture individual pieces and limited editions on behalf of customers under the brand Siegfriedson.

A Siegfriedson is not conspicuously flaunting their exclusiveness and quality. My hand-made wrist watches embody classic elegance and North German understatement. My clients appreciate the values.

I trust only in original Swiss quality movements and work together with experienced partners to implement my individual and exceptional watch at fair prices.

Learn more about me, my philosophy, and the process of creation of a unique wrist watch.