Tradition, handcraft and timeless design

Who think about to buy a high quality wrist watch, expect something special. My mechanical watches of the brand Siegfriedson are characterised by its clear aesthetics, the taste for understatement and the use of selected materials. Meticulous attention in the production guarantees a long-term quality.

I trust only in Swiss quality watch movements, their plates and bridges I finish with special cuts.
The housings are machined according to my own design and made of a special steel alloy. The surfaces are processed individually according to customer requirements.
The dials are made in high quality. They are either multiple elaborately lacquered or electro galvanised. All indexes are placed by hand.

Extensive functional tests are necessary to verify the practicality of a Siegfriedson wrist watch. This final inspection period extends for over a month.

Siegfriedson branded watches are made exclusively by customer order. All models are custom-made or with a small limitation. A guarantee of exclusivity.

Following models are currently available as limited edition:

Siegfriedson Type 1 Siegfriedson Type 1

limited edition of 50 pieces
€ 1.190,-



Siegfriedson Type 2 Siegfriedson Type 2

limited edition of 50 pieces
€ 1.190-,