„The time is too precious to waste it with the wrong things.“

Heinz Rühmann

Watches are available in every conceivable guise: large, small, round, square, glittering, simply, in gold or silver …

For many people watches are merely an instrument, which measures time in units. It reminds us to stand up, to call it a day or time to pick up the child from the day care center.

But for me, the clock means much more: In addition to a piece of jewelry a wrist watch is an expression of the individuality of the wearer, and a statement of his personality.

So I only craft Siegfriedson branded wrist watches as exclusively individual pieces and as limited edition on behalf of customers.

A Siegfriedson doesn’t make a show of its exclusivity and value. My handmade watches embody classic elegance and North German understatement.

I want to invite you to learn more about me, my philosophy and the process of creating a Siegfriedson wrist watch.

Yours Lutz S. Aulich